First post of the new era.

Hello and welcome to my first post. I hope you enjoy your stay...

There are a few reasons for starting this blog (my third or fourth in the last 10 years not including my still-in-use MySpace blog), but mostly it's because I recently stumbled across a blog that I really enjoy called Of Sound Mind. The proprietor posts snippets of things he's recorded recently as well as found sounds and albums that he enjoys. I'm going to blatantly steal his idea and occasionally post things that I've made or have found. Hopefully someone will find it interesting. I may also post out of print/rare records like my friends over at Beulahland but that will be a rarity. I may even post life related things like my girlfriend, but that's what I use MySpace for.

Here's a link to a ~2 hour improv session between myself, Steven Guerrero and A Useful Idiot (Dustin). I have collaborated with Steve a few times in the past, including a set at Mickey Finn's a couple months ago, but I had only met Dustin in real life about 30 minutes to the beginning of this recording. We played with very little pre-meditation. Pretty much the only thing we decided was who would start first. From there, it was a crap shoot.

I am using a Telecaster into a Hot Rod Deluxe with Ableton Live providing effects and looping capabilities. Dustin is using a Les Paul clone with a plethora of Boss stomp boxes and a RC-20 into a Marshall amp to start. He later switches to my Roland keyboard amp when his amp starts cutting out. Steven plays both upright 4-string and 6-string electric bass through a PodXT Live, a DL4, a ToneWorks effects unit, and a RC-20 into an SWR Workingman.

This was recorded in my living room using my MacBook microphone, so unfortunately the sound gets a bit messy in bits, but I think it's interesting enough to post. I hope to get together with these guys again very soon to make more sound. This time, I'll actually have a decent mic available to record with. This is a complete uncut recording so you get to hear our mostly lame and very nerdy conversations in between tracks. I do apologize for the chaff, but I'm too lazy to clean it up!

128kbps version
320kbps version - Very Large!

If you enjoy this, I also have 3 prior recordings of just Steve and I. I also have recordings of my band Luma and Chroma practicing which may be interesting to you. Please leave a comment or two if you'd like to hear more of the same.


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Bopped over from "Of Sound Mind"... congrats on starting up your blog. Thanks for the link to Beulahland, that's a good site. If you're into the stranger things there, check out Mutant Sounds sometime. And of course, my blog, Startling Moniker! I'm adding you to my live bookmarks, see ya next post.