Luma and Chroma - demo number one

I play in a band called Luma and Chroma along with my girlfriend and sister. We consider ourselves to be improvisational minimal post-rock, whatever that means... We typically head into a practice session with just a very basic chord structure and let it evolve from there. Usually it's very listenable. Sometimes it's transcendent. Occasionally it's godawful and we go cut ourselves afterwards. This was recorded live in my living room on 20070715 and 20070716 and released in August. Other than fixing a few levels and removing some extraneous noises, nothing has been modified so there are a few wrong notes and things, but I think it came out alright.

Kari J - Piano
Jess H - Electronic Drums, Monosynth on One
Jake H - Guitar

One (20070715 version)
Empty Cloudy Day (20070716 version)
Instructions for folding the cover

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