My First EBow Track.

For Christmas, Kari bought me an EBow. It's an electronic bow for guitar/bass/any metal stringed instrument I suppose. It uses a magnetic resonance loop thing to excite your guitar string allowing you to sustain a note as long as the battery has juice. It allows you to do swells like a violin, infinite sustain like a synth, and various other worldly tones. I've wanted one of these for a few years. I jokingly mentioned it to Kari 4 months ago that she should get me one for Christmas. Sure enough, that's what I got.

Anyway, here's my first experiment with the EBow. It's like most of my improv work, a series of out of phase loops with a general harmony that shifts gradually over time.

EBow Experiment 1

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Anonymous said...

I remember when this gift was proposed!