Ripping off Steve Reich

I was playing around with some new phasing techniques Sunday night. Unfortunately, everything I created sounds like old Steve Reich. On Phase2, I took a single phrase from a rant from an AA meeting. I then looped it a few times. I then duplicated the whole track a few times. In each of the duplicated tracks, I shortened the beginning portion of the song, then extended the last portion to make it the same length as the original track. This means that the multiple tracks slowly fall out of sync, then come back together at the very end of the track. A little different than Reich's process, but similar results.

With Phase3, instead of looping the whole sample, I looped only portions of the sample. This gave the track some interesting changes in texture as one looped section transitioned into another.

I plan on using the same techniques on some melodic material to see what happens, but until then...

Surrent - Phase2
Surrent - Phase3

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