Two New Solo Joints.

First up, my last solo live set of the year. This was recorded at Ramalama Records December 18, 2008. Hence the title. Very creative, I know. I thought the set was "meh" at best, but everyone I've played it for seems to enjoy it so I'm passing it on to you, my loyal reader(s?).

Surrent - 20081218

Next up is a manipulation/remix of JB Smith's "The Danger Line." The original track is a 45 second piece of speech that I stretched to almost a half hour creating lots of weird swells with glitchy artifacts. I then fed it through some spectral delays and used the frequency and amplitude of the track to control the feedback and delay time of a tape delay plugin. Basically, whenever the volume of the track gets louder, the delays become thicker and longer. I also fed the signal through a pitch tracking EQ that would boost the most prominent frequency in the signal. I recorded two versions of the track and faded them to opposite sides of the stereo spectrum. Since each version is very slightly different from the other due to the dynamic nature of the plugins and effects, you hear some strange stereo effects as the track progresses.

Surrent - The Stranger Line

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