5 Songs - Is it an EP?

I've got a show coming up Saturday, so last night I sat down to practice. I haven't played solo in a while (other than the previously posted EBow track), so I wasn't expecting much. I just knew I needed to get myself back in the "solo" mindset.

I've had this idea in my head for a couple months of building a series of chords from sustained notes placed in individual loops, one note per loop. I wanted to fade in the note, then only grab the "meat" of the note in the loop so it would create an static drone until I overwrote that particular loop. As I continued to add single note loops, the harmony would slowly change, because my current Ableton setup only allows 4 simultaneous loops. Example:

Loop 1: C
Loop 2: E
Loop 3: G
Loop 4: B
Loop 1 (overwriting previous Loop 1): D
Loop 2 (overwriting previous Loop 2): F

In this example, I moved from Cmaj7 => Em7 => G7 just by changing one note at a time. The plan was to have a very glacial chord progression: slow, definite and forceful. Unfortunately, this plan didn't work so well. For some reason, I kept overloading my delays and causing crazy apartment-shaking feedback. I'm sure my sister appreciated that while watching TV. I did get a couple good tracks in that style (tracks 1 and 2), but on the whole, it was a disappointment. I think the results I did get are okay, but they weren't what was I hearing in my head.

After screwing around with that idea I decided to just free form and see what happened. Tracks 3 and 4 are what happened. Nothing too special. In fact, I trimmed the tracks quite a bit to get something I was happy with.

Then came the extended technique section. I laid my guitar flat on my lap and just made noises. Some pick scraping, some fretting directly on pickups, some EBow on the neck behind my fretting hand instead of over the pickups, and a little input jack abuse. I think the results were pretty okay! It was definitely the most fun track out of the five.

Here's the final product:
Surrent - 20080107

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