North Hero - Hewn

After playing together with Kari at my show last week, we decided to work on a semi-experimental improv/ambient project which would be a little more spacey and trippy than Luma and Chroma (and without drums).

We had always worked in little ambient/noise interludes into Luma and Chroma, but now we were specifically going to concentrate on avoiding the Luma and Chroma style. We also decided to incorporate vocals. This is a first for me.

Yesterday, we gathered in my living room to record ideas for a wedding processional that we are writing for some friends. After working on a melody and guitar line for about 2 hours, we started improvising. It sounded very good to our ears. I suppose when you play with someone for a year, you tend to get pretty good at improvising together...

We ended up recording about an hour of improvisation. I've cut out the middle section where we left the room for a while, but otherwise this is uncut.

You may notice I switch from my acoustic guitar to my electric after the first movement. Because of this, I might suggest to Kari that we remove the first movement, but until then, you get to hear it!

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North Hero - Hewn

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