I'm not dead yet. More recordings this week! (and a North Hero teaser)

I'm already running into the same problem I've had with other blogs I've done. I've got a ton of content to begin with, but then I give up or forget... I'm determined not to let this happen this time. But if it does, oh well!

Anyway, here's the recording schedule for this week:

02/04: Surrent vs. A Useful Idiot
02/05-08: North Hero
02/09-10: Surrent vs. Steven Guerrero, Surrent vs. welcometovietnam, and a solo Surrent recording.

I'm planning on doing a pure drone album or series of albums. I've wanted to for a while, but it's so hard to commit to the drone. I used to not believe it, but playing slow is just as difficult as playing fast, if not more so. This weekend will be the first attempt. If it sucks, I will stop. If it doesn't suck, I'm sure I'll have a new release next week. :)

The North Hero tour is coming along. We're solidifying the Philadelphia date right now and just got an offer for a show in Rochester. We also picked up a date at an experimental festival in Mansfield in April. Things are looking up!

Anyway, here's a few tracks Kari and I recorded a couple weeks ago:
North Hero - 20080123song1.mp3
North Hero - 20080123song2.mp3
North Hero - 20080123song3.mp3

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