Our first label release. Pre-release version for cheap!

I made mention a few days ago about my band being shown some interest by a label. Well, it looks like Reverb Worship, a small CD-R label in the UK, has decided to release our album January February. We couldn't be happier!

Before Reverb Worship agreed to release our record, we had already made a few copies to sell at our show Saturday. If you would like a copy of January February, send Kari or me a message and we can set up payment arrangements. The cost is $5 postage paid or $3 if you are local. I'll even hand deliver!

I printed, scored, folded, cut, numbered and stamped each CD; this release is limited to 14 copies and I've got 10 left.

If you'd rather buy it from us at a show, our next scheduled performance is April 12th in Mansfield. Hope to see you there. :)

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