Two new North Hero tracks. One new North Hero album -now with Label Interest™!!!

I just posted some new North Hero music up on the ol' MyFace. The two new tracks are "This Is Love" and "Darker, Darker". They are the first two tracks off of our next release, January February. We're clever, aren't we. Oh yeah... Label Interest™. It's really not a big deal. A CD-R label in England wants to release an album of ours. They do runs of 50-100 handmade CD-Rs. Our friends Stone Baby are releasing some music on their label as well, so that's totally cool! We've sent them January February. Perhaps they will enjoy it.

Tour's coming along. Three dates now: May 24th in Rochester, NY, May 29th in Philadelphia, PA, and June 6th in Burlington, VT. We want two more in between May 24 and 29, but we're not too worried. It will be fun regardless.

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