Surrent - Wastrel

I'm so sick of listening to music right now, but I have to keep at it. Recording and mixing three projects in three days (and four in a week) really wears on your ears. (Un)fortunately, I was unable to get together with my friend Matt to record, so I haven't driven myself to tears just yet. Also (un)fortunately, I don't think the North Hero session from Friday night was good enough to do anything with... maybe.

On the brighter side, I'm very happy to say that my last session, my solo session, was definitely my favorite thing I recorded in the past week and probably my favorite thing I've recorded ever. I combined an acoustic guitar tuned CGCGC (Yes, I'm missing a string) played with a violin bow and my electric, which I played with both pick and bow. I recorded two takes, the first of which was recorded in its entirety. I forgot to set up GarageBand properly for the second take, so I only captured the first 6 minutes of it. Poop. I don't really mind, it got kind of horrible in the middle anyway. :) I've done no editing on these tracks other than adjusting levels and removing a few clicks. Also, if you listen carefully, you can hear my cat, Eh! Steve, making his recording debut!

Surrent - Wastrel

Note: this is the low quality version of the album. I might actually try to do a real release with this, so I need to retain something of value!

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