Upcoming Shows + New Project

It's an exciting time in the life of Surrent.

First of all, I've got two shows coming up:

Thursday, December 18th @ Ramalama Records in Toledo w/Telemetrics. Show starts @ 7. FREE.

Saturday, December 20th @ Rick's Music Cafe in Northwood w/Tree No Leaves, Chad Foltz, Grumblecake and Telemetrics (Modicum of Silence showcase) Show starts @ 8. $7 door/$6 pre-sale. Contact me if you want tickets.

More importantly, I've begun working with an old guitarist buddy and a drummer on a new project. I'm finally back to playing my primary instrument, bass guitar. I don't want to put a label on anything, but the music sounds somewhere around post-rockish. Here are some samples:

Track 2
Track 3
Track 4

All tracks were completely improvised with no previous discussion or direction about what was to happen. We recorded very simply with just 2 microphones in the middle of the practice space.

There's also another track, but it's 15 minutes long and doesn't get really rocking until about 10 minutes in. I couldn't find what key we were in for quite some time.... If you'd like a copy of it, send me a message.


andreas said...

i really like the new stuff, looking forward to more of this!

i are see said...

jake, i'm doing a little hijack here to let you know i answered your comment in my jeporady theoretical maximum thread.

and track 2 is pretty bitchin' man.

Anonymous said...

this new band sounds great. More of this!